Do you feel that your company is capable of more?  Are you frustrated that it is not reaching its fullest potential?


Business environments are constantly changing, and it is crucial to continue updating your strategies to be ahead of your competitions.  As we are captivated by the amount of resources available, it is important to establish strategic solutions so that your resources can be allocated effectively to achieving optimal results.  Strategy is about making specific choices - to do something and not others - and building a business around those choices.  To make these determinations, we will work with you to review key attributes related to your industry, and more importantly, your aspirations to success.


Our advice can be for short or long term, and be company or project based.  Depending on your preferences and needs, we will have something uniquely tailored for you.  Our model is mainly based on Roger Martin's Strategy Choice Cascade, which is explained further below.  It is a simple yet very effective framework to help define your strategies.


With that said, although history and frameworks are great tools in guiding us through the ever-changing business world, they are easily accessible by others.  Simply using these tools will not provide a clear advantage against other firms.  The key to success will be based on the ability of utilizing these knowledge effectively.  At the end of the day, it will be creativity and imaginations inspired by these know-hows to help set firms apart.


At Stratwell, we aspire to help you to think forward, and be steps ahead of your competition.


To help determine your company's business strategy, we based our model on Roger Martin's Strategy Choice Cascade.  We are a strong believer of the framework as the cascade is a very simple yet effective way in defining a company's strategy.


Roger Martin's Strategy Choice Cascade started with a basic question of asking one's winning aspiration, which help owners to reflect upon why they were in business in the first place.  The framework then led owners in determining the company's market positioning; strategies for success based on the market positioning chosen; capabilities required due to the strategies in place; and defining criteria to ensure the required capabilities are in place for the company to be successful.


According to Roger Martin, the five essential questions are:

What is our winning aspiration?

Where will we play?

How will we win where we have chosen to play?

What capabilities must be in place to win?

What management systems are required to ensure the capabilities are in place?

These questions are a simple yet effective way to define a company's strategies and metrics in measuring success.  It is also very important to ensure the five essential questions are not treated as stand-alones as they are interrelated to each other.


Our goal is to guide you through in answering these questions and help you to create a very clear definition of what your company's strategies should be.  Once these definitions are defined, we will help to determine how they can be executed to position you for future success.



Stage 1: Defining Company's Aspiration and Market Positioning

- Defining the business’ winning aspiration

- Analyzing the industry

- Customer value analysis

- Analysis of relative position

- Competitor analysis

- Determining the segment(s) to concentrate on


Stage 2: Developing Winning Strategies

- Differentiation strategies

- Pricing strategy

- Marketing strategy

- Distribution strategy

- Risk analysis


Stage 3: Building Capabilities and Systems

- Staffing and outsourcing

- Distribution channels

- Efficiency creation

- Balance Scorecard for employees

- Interests alignment with stakeholders


Stage 4: Periodic Reviews

- Ensure the strategy that was put in place was effective

- Review changes in the industry to ensure the defined strategy is still up-to-date


Stage 5: Ongoing Advisory Services

- Our services can be retained for a set number of hours per month in an ongoing basis to ensure that you will have easy access to our advises and expertise


Our Experiences

Our experiences span across many industries.  These include:

- Apparels

- Construction

- Food and


- Private Equity

- Sports

- Banking

- E-Commerce



- International


- Real Estate

Our skillsets are highly transferrable across different industries.  The broad experiences that we had would also enable us to enhance our recommendations to you.

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