Stratwell Financial Management was founded in 2014 focusing in wealth planning for high net worth families.  The philosophy of the firm is to combine traditional and alternative instruments in creating a portfolio that would achieve financial legacies.  The focus of the recommendations are based on consideration of public and private investments, estate planning, risk mitigation and intergenerational wealth transfers.


Stratwell has partnered with many small to medium size businesses through various channels.  It is from these relationships where the company has gained deep understanding of business challenges and successes.  In 2018, with the founding of Stratwell Strategic Solutions, the company extended its services into business strategy consulting.  Stratwell Strategic Solutions' focus is in helping small to medium size businesses in defining business strategies through the simple basis of determining winning aspirations of the firm and its owners.  It is our belief that strong understanding of frameworks and histories provide excellent guidance to lead us into the future.  However, it is through creativity and imaginations that will continue to separate companies ahead from others.


With more than 10 years of business development experience, Alan has received multiple awards recognizing his sales and marketing achievements.  Prior to founding Stratwell Financial Management, he was instrumental in growing the distribution network for a real-estate investment firm with over one billion dollars in asset under management.


While his efforts in the past were mainly in establishing sales funnel and raising capital, his success was a result of developing rigorous go-to-market strategies after carefully segmenting the market through thorough analysis.  Besides identifying what needs to be done in order to help a company grow, Alan placed a higher focus on what not to do in order to streamline the company’s focus to accomplishing its goals.


Alan completed his Executive MBA program at Ivey School of Business at University of Western Ontario and also holds the Chartered Investment Manager and Derivatives Market Specialist designations by Canadian Securities Institution. As part of his efforts in contributing back to the community, he is involved with various industry advocacy groups, business groups, and accelerators holding roles in different capacities.


Born in Hong Kong, Alan is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. He endeavors to continue his success, and further his efforts in the growth of the business community.

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